Beit Hasefer, House of the Book, Providers of Educational material such as books and software, for home schooling or any educational training purposes. Subjects covered by us are afrikaans, english, maths, science, geography, accounting, biology, physics, chemistry, economics and much more.
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Our clients - Home-Schoolers, Nursery schools, Schools, Professionals

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We are available for consultation only by appointment.
We are not available on Shabbat.

Who are our clients?

As home-schoolers we consider the home school environment very special and dear as we share similar priorities, qualities, and possibly similar sentiments and passions. It was for home-schoolers that we started rendering the service of providing educational material and home school advice. Many have found that they can select the best material among a wide range, and spend less per child than what they spend on one month’s supply of bread and milk.

Nursery schools
More and more nursery schools are finding that it is just as easy to entertain small children with educationally stimulating material as it is to just look after them as they play away the day with toys. Many nursery schools which maintain a good balance between these two aspects find our assistance in finding them quality products valuable.

Many private- and public schools have found many good reasons for coming to visit us for the supply of their school books. They don’t have to pay more for books, they can pay less, and they also do not have to settle for the first or only book available from other outlets. Beit HaSefer also makes their work easy in having various publishers’ products at hand which means that a single point of contact makes available a bigger variety with less work than ever before. With Beit HaSefer there is variety added to good service based on a sound base for attaining educational material. By no surprise do some find that they can replace the illegal photo copies with brand new learning material for less than some of the photo copies cost them.

Educational Psychologists, Remedial Teachers, Educators, Occupational Therapists, Optometrists and many more have found that we have just the right tool for solving that special educational or therapeutic need.

The Business Sector
Beit HaSefer makes available a full range of Instructional Design services of a professionally accredited Instructional Designer. Where you need to enhance your educational products or identify training needs and develop high quality cost effective educational outcomes we can do that for you.

YOU, but only if you find it important to:
1) get quality at the most reasonable price
2) not buy the first book that comes your way. If you want to see what’s available, and with the knowledge and understanding that we have want to make calculated decisions in selecting the best product from among a wide variety of good products available.
3) offer your children the best opportunity and you want to be sure that your educational material will support just that.
4) get value for money which includes sound advice and assistance.

We’ll give you what you need and want without you needing to insist on getting it. Our clients get more while paying less!